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GEEQL Turns Left at Albuquerque!


I’m delighted and still a bit surprised to have been selected to speak at SQL Saturday 358, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where, if you’re a Bugs Bunny fan, you’ll know that somewhere, somehow, you’ll just HAVE to take a left turn… ­

And when you do, turn left here and join us.  Take a look at the schedule – there’s a boatload of awesome people converging on Albuquerque to share their knowledge with you.

This will be my fifth SQL Saturday and my second one as a speaker (first one was #337 in Portland) and I’m not sure who learned more – the folks listening or me speaking, but it was an enough of an experience to get me to want to do it again, and share and improve some of the lessons I’ve gathered over the years.

So, what will we talk about?

We’ll talk about how communication affects us daily, how it can be the easiest thing to do, and the hardest thing to do well, how who you talk to determines what you talk about, and how you do it – and all in a way that’s designed to show you how to move ahead, both in and outside of your career.

We’ll talk about…

Simple stuff – (When to say what) but in a way that’s easy to understand (using the Titanic as an example)

And complicated stuff (did you realize that men and women communicate differently? – and that both ways are valid?)

And by the time we’re done, we’ll all have laughed a bit, commiserated a bit, but most of all, we’ll all have learned something.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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