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My 10,000th tweet – and #sqlfamily

I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of a profound thing I could write for this milestone tweet… have been thinking about it for days now and trying to edit it down to 140 characters – and – well, I’m cheating a bit and putting a link in here.

The thing that strikes me in the 4 years I’ve been tweeting is this thing we call #sqlfamily.

I don’t remember the whole history about it – but it seemed that one of the places it spawned was Summit a few years ago – where several thousand introverted geeks get together who’ve been typing at each other for years – and some of us were kind of surprised to realize, over time, that there were real people on the other end of those keyboards we’d been tweeting with.

People with… with meat on them, who you can laugh with, share a coffee, a drink, or a meal with, and see the sparkle in their eyes as you realize over the years you’ve known this person, but not *in* person.

You realize that #sqlfamily isn’t just folks who are passionate about SQL – though that’s a huge part of it.¬† You learn that those in #sqlfamily are folks who have lives outside of work, who have families, and hopes, and dreams, and fears, and….

…and we’re more than people who chase electrons around the planet, we’re people, who’ve become more than just colleagues, we’ve become friends.

…who, when we’re the only ones who have a clue what goes on in our databases at work and have no one to talk to at home about work things (you know “the look”) – find that there’s someone out there in #sqlfamily who actually gets it…

That’s #sqlfamily.

Professionally, some of us have been around long enough to have some gray hair, and have made enough mistakes that we can share a bit of the wisdom that comes from that.

Some are quite young and have the energy and enthusiasm for new things that those with experience can learn from.

Personally, we encourage¬† each other in times of trial, whether that’s personal or professional.¬† We spontaneously raise money to help those of us who have fallen, or raise money for a cause, not because we’re looking for glory, but because it’s the right thing to do.

We cheer each other on, whether it’s in some level of self-improvement, or trying to get healthier, or a new life event…

We support each other offline through conversations no one else will ever hear through some of life’s darkest moments

And we flip each other unending amounts of crap – virtual pats on the back, inside jokes and “did you remember when…” moments.

I’ve noticed several businesses trying to use the #sqlfamily hashtag for marketing – and that’s not what it’s for, I had to clarify that with one of them during one of those dark times to get them to understand it, and some did.

#sqlfamily is more than people we work with, it’s more than friends we see a couple of times a year.

#sqlfamily – to me… It’s sacred.

And I’m proud, and honored, to be part of it.


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