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T-SQL Tuesday: My favorite Bug

Heyo –

Haven’t written a T-SQL Tuesday post in a long time – but this one sounded like fun, so here we go.


A number of years ago, when SQL 2005 came out – I have to admit, I didn’t like it at all.  At the time, there were no trackpads in our department, and a lot of the simple keyboard functionality I’d gotten used to from SQL 7 and sql 2000 were just gone.  We joked that you could take down an entire database department by walking around to people’s desks at lunchtime and stealing their mice.

It had a lot of bugs in it.  It took me just over 2 minutes after install to find the first one, and I started reporting them.  Daily.  This got to the point where I was sending them so often that one day when I had essentially a catalog of workarounds and didn’t send a bug report, the PM over there sent me a note asking if I was okay.  He was worried because I hadn’t sent in a bug report that day – and I’d been so consistent that – well, it just wasn’t right for him to start his day without the requisite gripe from Tom.

But the biggest gripe of all was how slow the RTM version of 2005 was.  I didn’t understand how an app could be that slow, but it was, and one day I decided to just report the bug the official way, not the usual way, so I went out to the Connect thing, and, being in a less than grumpy mood that day, filed a bug.   Performance related.  Because I just needed something to do.

And darned if it didn’t eventually get closed.

As fixed.

I’m gonna guess you have to turn your speakers up just a bit if you still have a SQL 2005 RTM box around – but it’s fixed… Just ask Buck.  🙂



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