Hey all, I had to come up with an “about” page.  Ironically, I’ll let other people tell most parts of the story:

I’ve been described (much to my surprise) as being a master storyteller, known to translate Geek into plain English in a single bound.  (this comes from needing to explain something about databases to my mom, who, when she’d ask, “how was your day?” I’d have to come up with explanations that both explained what I did in my world, but also was something she’d be able to explain in hers.

People have said that the combination of my wry sense of humor,life experiences and vivid descriptions, combined with my expertise as a database administrator have you understanding SQL in ways you never thought you would.

I’ve been told that my explanations of why to do something are insightful, and my explanations of why *not* to do something are enlightening.

If you ever read the words, “Don’t ask why I know this” – trust me… there’s a story behind it.  I might not be able to share that story, but I’ll do what I can to share the lessons I’ve learned from the story.

That said, the stories behind the explanations, both technical and non-technical, will leave you laughing (or smiling, or sitting there with a quizzical look on your face) to the point you forget you’re learning something, until you repeat that punch line later on, and realize you remember the lesson that went with it..

(That one was kind of neat to hear.)

I’ve been an IT professional for the last 18 years and work as a DBA for Avanade, in Seattle.

Also: Just a note – I’ve been advised by our legal department that I need to write the following:

This is my personal SQL blog, about my own experiences about this thing we call SQL.  What this means is that anything I write here is written myself and not necessarily endorsed or supported by Avanade as a whole.  All code you might find on here is code I’ve either written, customized, or researched to solve a problem that needed to be solved.  Unless stated otherwise, the code will have been tested, and will work on my systems (currently ranging from SQL 2000 to Denali).

However, do your due diligence and never, ever run any code on a production system (even mine) unless you’ve tested it someplace else first.

Bottom line: use at your own risk.

My personal blog, which rarely, if ever, has anything to do with SQL, for those of you who are curious, can be found here:


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